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Press Release

Global Business And Finance Magazine Recognizes Trade Technologies for Outstanding Contributions in Banking Technology

The Global Business And Finance Magazine is proud to announce Trade Technologies
Inc. as the recipient of two prestigious awards: The Most Promising Banking Technology Solution
Providers Global 2023 and Best Trade Tech Solutions Company Global 2023. These awards are a
testament to Trade Technologies’ groundbreaking advancements in the digitization and automation of
global trade.
Based in Austin, Texas, Trade Technologies has been reshaping the landscape of trade document
solutions since 2003. With a robust clientele exceeding 1,500 partners worldwide and managing $16
billion in transactions annually, their influence spans the globe. “Trade Technologies has not just met but
exceeded industry standards with their innovative TradeBridgeAPI Bank solution and the TradeSharp™
platform, carving out new frontiers in banking technology,” a spokesperson from Global Business And
Finance Magazine proclaimed.
The TradeBridgeAPI Bank seamlessly integrates the company’s proprietary TradeSharp platform with
bank trade finance systems. This integration fully automates the exchange of messages, documents, and
data between negotiating banks and exporters not only for export letter of credit and collections but also
for other trade transactions like Guarantees and Standby LCs, fostering unprecedented efficiency and
This cutting-edge solution automates intricate processes, transforming traditional methods into
seamless, digital operations, allowing negotiating banks to eliminate the need to handle paper
documents and providing automated transaction registration and compliance checking. Unlike most
fintech companies, Trade Technologies simplifies, automates, and digitizes the letter of credit process
and other trade transactions rather than trying to replace a proven and critical method of international
Kirk Lundburg, President & CEO of Trade Technologies, expresses his gratitude: “These awards are a
proud moment for us and a testament to our relentless pursuit of innovation. They reflect not just our
technological prowess but also our transactional focus giving us the experience to execute, and the trade
volumes to justify, investment in new technologies by banks and exporters.”
The Global Business And Finance Magazine Awards, known for recognizing trailblazers and innovators,
found a fitting recipient in Trade Technologies. “Their benchmark-setting solutions in the banking
technology realm are not just innovative but are steering the future of global trade practices,” the
spokesperson added.
For more information about the awards and Trade Technologies, please visit:
Trade Technologies website: https://tradetechnologies.com
Awards: https://gbfinancemag.com/awards/

About Trade Technologies


Founded in 1999, Trade Technologies (www.tradetechnologies.com) is the largest global provider of
trade document services and software. From its offices in Asia, Europe, and North America, Trade
Technologies provides leading exporters, freight forwarders, and international trade banks with trade
document solutions, training, and consulting.
The Company’s cloud-based TradeSharp platform, TradeBridge Integration and Data Management
Solutions and Outsourced Trade Document Services enable customers to streamline their operations,
save money, accelerate payments, and eliminate discrepancies traditionally involved in international
letter of credit, documentary collections, and open account transactions. More than 1,500 exporters,
global trade banks, and freight forwarders depend on Trade Technologies’ services to process over $16
billion in international trade transactions each year. Globally, Trade Technologies is presenting original
letter of credit and other trade documents online to 66 examination offices of 24 banks in 13 countries.
The TradeBridge Integration and Data Management Solutions, automate and digitize the entire trade
finance data and document exchange for exporters and banks for letter of credit, documentary
collections and open account presentations. By delivering data and documents directly to the back-office
systems of major trade banks, banks and exporters are able to largely eliminate exchanging and
processing paper documents and dramatically reducing the cost and time associated with traditional
trade finance.
Trade Technologies has 15 operations offices in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Foshan, Hong Kong, Houston,
Istanbul, Kuala Lumpur, London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, and
Stuttgart. Trade Technologies’ corporate headquarters are located in Austin, Texas.
Trade Technologies has been named “Best Trade Tech Solutions Company Global 2023” at The Global
Business and Finance Magazine Awards, further solidifying its position as a leader in trade technology.
Previously, Trade Technologies was named by Silicon Review as one of the “50 Smartest Companies of
the Year 2016.” In 2015, Trade Technologies was awarded the Presidential “E” Star Award for Export
Services by the U.S. Department of Commerce and was selected by CIO Review Magazine for its annual
list of the 20 Most Promising Banking Technology Solution Providers. Trade Technologies was voted the
“Best Trade Tech Solutions Company” in 2012 by readers of Trade Finance Magazine. In 2011, Trade
Technologies won the Presidential “E” Award for Exports through the U.S. Department of Commerce, the
highest recognition any U.S. entity may receive for supporting export growth. In 2010, the Company was
awarded a patent on the TradeSharp software platform and process.



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