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Press Release

ExtendMax honored as BestRegulatory Compliance Agency -GBFM Awards

ExtendMax, the leading compliance consulting service provider in Vietnam, has been honored with the title “Best Regulatory Compliance Agency” at the Global Business and Finance Magazine Awards 2024. This is another international recognition of ExtendMax’s continuous efforts to enhance service quality and customer experience on a global scale.

The Global Business and Finance Magazine Awards is one of the most prestigious awards in the business and finance sector, held annually to honor outstanding businesses and individuals who have made significant contributions to the economy. The selection process for the award winners is entirely based on merit, ensuring that the awards are given to individuals, companies, and organizations that have shown exceptional contributions and impact in the business and finance sector.

In 2024, ExtendMax was chosen as the winner with the title “Best Regulatory Compliance Agency” due to its outstanding achievements in regulatory compliance consulting with superior service quality, extensive understanding of legal regulations, and innovative solutions in projects.

Mr. Trần Thanh Phương (Alex), CEO of ExtendMax said: “We are extremely honored to receive the Best Regulatory Compliance Agency award title from the Global Business and Finance Magazine. This is a great recognition of the relentless efforts of the entire ExtendMax team. We are committed to continuing to enhance service quality, bringing the best value to our customers, and contributing to the sustainable development of the global economy.”

CEO ExtendMax – Mr. Trần Thanh Phương (Alex)

Ms. Angelina Do, Public Relations Director of ExtendMax, also expressed: “This award is a testament to the trust and support our customers have for ExtendMax. We will continuously improve and innovate to better meet the ever-increasing demands of the market.”

With the title of Best Regulatory Compliance Agency, ExtendMax not only strengthens its position in the Vietnamese market but also opens up many new development opportunities. They plan to expand services to other markets in the region and further improve service quality to meet the diverse needs of customers.

ExtendMax also aims to become a pioneer in applying technology to regulatory compliance
management. Investing in advanced technology solutions will help them provide faster, more
accurate, and more efficient services.

About ExtendMax

ExtendMax Vietnam Co., Ltd. was established with the goal of becoming a leading compliance consulting agency, providing the most comprehensive and professional services for domestic and foreign clients. ExtendMax has a team of experienced experts with extensive knowledge of legal requirements for importing and exporting and trading information technology products in the Vietnamese market. Currently, ExtendMax is a service supplier for leading global corporations such as Amazon, Lenovo, Dell, Cisco, Palo Alto, Siemens…

ExtendMax Vietnam Company Limited

Prominent Services of ExtendMax

IOR & EOR services for IT products
ExtendMax is the leading IOR & EOR services provider for IT products in Vietnam.
ExtendMax is one of the few Vietnamese providers involved in the global logistics supply chain to provide services to giant technology corporations such as Cisco, HPE, LEGO, PaloAlto, Arista…

Conformity Certification Services
This is a complex service type that requires extensive knowledge of product quality laws and technical standards and regulations. ExtendMax provides consulting services for foreign manufacturers right from the product development stage to ensure compliance with technical requirements, simplifying the testing and certification process.

Civil Cryptography Licensing
The civil cryptography business product license is a conditional business license that requires enterprises to fully meet high conditions as prescribed by Vietnamese law. ExtendMax provides consulting and civil cryptography license services quickly, making this process smooth and efficient.

VNEEP Energy Label Certification
ExtendMax also provides optimal solutions in preparing test samples and planning to apply VNEEP energy label certification. The company has significantly contributed to helping many manufacturers launch “green”, energy-saving products in the Vietnamese market.

Contact information

ExtendMax Vietnam Company Limited
Email: consultant@extendmax.vn

Website: https://extendmax.vn

Tel: +84 024 6666 3088

Head Office: ExtendMax Villa, C01-L18, An Vuong, Duong Noi urban area, Duong Noi ward,
Ha Dong district, Hanoi 12114, Vietnam

Lang Ha Office: P903, 9th floor, Tower A, Sky City Tower Complex, 88 Lang Ha street, Lang
Ha ward, Dong Da district, Hanoi city, Vietnam



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