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SibtainAliShahBukhari(born (day) February 1979, Karachi, Pakistan) is a Pakistani banker philanthropist.

Early life and education

Bukhari was born in Karachi on (day) February 1979. Bukhari’s grandfather, Ameer Shah Bukhari, an Indian Civil Services officer, later became a revenue collector in Hyderabad, Sindh. His father, Shaukat Ali Shah Bukhari, a senior bureaucrat and author, served as the Director General of Excise Police in Sindh, Pakistan.

Bukhari completed his early education at the St Paul’s School. In 1999, Bukhari Did his bachelor’s degree in marketing at The University of Manchester.

Two years later, he returned to Karachi to continue his education and secured an MBA in marketing from the Institute of Business Management, Karachi.

In 2010, he traveled to Boston and enrolled at the Harvard Business School, obtaining a business and managerial economics degree.


Bukhari began his career as a product and policy manager at the PICIC Commercial Bank Limited in Karachi in 2005.

In 2006, Bukhari joined the United Bank Limited as a relationship manager.

In Feb 2006 he also started his Advertising company Zack Service LLC & ECM in Karachi ,

A year later, Bukhari was appointed as a relationship manager at HSBC.

In December 2008, moved to dubai and Bukhari joined ABN AMRO Bank N.V. as a business development manager.

He was appointed a relationship manager for Islamic banking at RBS in 2009 which was take over by Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank in 2010, where he was responsible for the Islamic banking investment product development.

In March 2016, he started company in Georgia M/s. Zack Travel Group, LLC as a managing partner.

Four years later, he joined the Emirates Bank as a Senior Priority manager and was responsible for priority banking. In 2017, Bukhari joined Noor Bank in Dubai as a senior wealth

manager after takeover of Noor 2020 by DIB He worked in Dubai

Islamic Bank as a VP and wealth manager until 2021.

In 2020 he started Mineral water company in Green valley smart water in Pakistan 1st ever Smart water in country.

In 2021, Bukhari was appointed as the director of wealth management at Daman Investments in Dubai. As of 2024, he serves as the head of wealth management at Daman



Bukhari has been involved in different philanthropic drives, including the construction of mosques, the installation of hand pumps in water- scarce areas, and Islamic schools. Sibtain has been leading annual tree plantation drives that have planted over 200,000 trees across Pakistan.

He also participated in relief operations during floods in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka.



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