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Global Business and Finance Magazine Awards 2023 – DKK Partners

How it started 

Founded in 2020 by Dominic Duru and Khalid Talukder, DKK Partners is an emerging markets  FX liquidity provider with annual revenues of more than £100m, up from £63m last year. The  secret behind DKK’s success is the company’s ability to combine the latest trading technology  alongside on the ground market intelligence.  

Following many years of working in the banking industry, both founders saw a gap in the  market. Talukder, previously of UBS, Citi & Deutsche Bank, and Duru of RBS and Citi,  recognised that getting access to high quality FX and payments services was a major  challenge for the majority of SMEs. It wasn’t just the lack of infrastructure that was a problem,  many companies looking to trade in key markets like Africa found it difficult to develop clear  strategies to do so.  

DKK was founded to disrupt the market and liberate a whole new generation of companies,  from ambitious businesses to established corporates. The company is tailored to enable  customers to manage currency risk and develop sharp pricing. DKK’s package of services is  framed around three key pillars of FX risk management, FX liquidity, and local collections.  

A unique company culture  

The banking industry has long been plagued by the perception of a lack of diversity and bad  publicity following the 2008 financial crash.  

DKK was founded with a clear strategy to build an ambitious global workforce, bringing  together people from all walks of life and all backgrounds. The company’s 30 fulltime  employees come from a range of backgrounds, with team members spanning from London,  Dubai to Ghana. The company’s founders firmly believe that the expanding team should truly  represent the market it serves, giving the business a truly global outlook. 

At its core, DKK wants to be far more than just a successful business. Last Christmas, the  business donated £10,000 to homelessness charity Shelter and volunteered as part of  several major street initiatives. This is the first of many major initiatives organised by the 

firm, which has a dedicated Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) blueprint, designed  by its employees. 

Praising DKK’s approach Sulayman Uddin, regional community fundraiser for London,  Shelter said: “We are delighted that DKK Partners has chosen to support Shelter and join  the Fight for Home. Every four minutes a household in England becomes homeless. Record  high rents and soaring living costs mean many more people are at risk of being tipped into  homelessness this winter. Funds raised from this event will help the housing and  homelessness charity Shelter’s frontline services to continue providing free and expert help  to anyone facing homelessness, as well helping to campaign for lasting change.” 

Dominic Duru, Co-founder of DKK Partners said, “With interest rates soaring and the cost-of living crisis putting huge pressure on people trying to make ends meet, it’s critical that  London’s fintech community recognises its responsibility to those in need. We founded DKK  with a clear mission statement to deliver first class services to our clients, but that’s only part  of who we are, and this initiative is the first of many that will allow DKK to play a crucial role  in supporting important causes and making a difference where it really counts.” 

Khalid Talukder, co-founder of DKK Partners added: “We’re very proud to announce this  initiative, designed to deliver real action to the frontline in the fight against homelessness.  Shelter is an incredible organisation with dedicated volunteers, and the work they do  protects the wellbeing of so many people.” 

Disrupting the industry  

DKK’s business model is all about brining something fresh to the market and empowering  businesses to achieve their full potential. In addition to reaching over £100m in revenues  after just three years of trading, the business has major plans for international expansion. 

Last December, the company hired industry entrepreneur Sam Nti as a director, to open and  lead the company’s Ghana operation, which will serve the African market.  

And in February appointed former Citi MD Sandip Sen as board advisor to accelerate its  global growth.

Sen, who held senior posts at Citi for almost three decades, will oversee DKK’s international  expansion, and help develop the company’s FX capabilities and services in emerging  markets. DKK, 

The company anticipates a doubling of its global headcount over the next 12 months, with  future office openings in key countries across Africa due to be confirmed soon.  

Commenting on the company’s success story, Khalid Talukder, co-founder, said: “We set out  to create a truly disruptive fintech company, that empowered our customers with a  combination of the latest technology and market expertise. We also wanted to create a new  kind of fintech business that leads the way on CSR, diversity and forward-thinking.  

“The first three years have been an incredible journey, but we have so much more to do, and  this is just the beginning,” he added.



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