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UBS completes merger of Swiss business with Credit Suisse

 Swiss bank UBS has completed the merger of its domestic unit with Credit Suisse’s operations in its home market, the bank said on Monday, adding that the head of the Credit Suisse business was leaving the bank.

Andre Helfenstein, CEO of Credit Suisse Switzerland, has decided to leave the bank following the merger of UBS Switzerland AG and Credit Suisse (Schweiz) AG, the bank said.

Following the merger, UBS Switzerland has taken on all the rights and obligations of Credit Suisse, with the process expected to ease the migration of clients and operations to the UBS platform.

Sabine Keller-Busse, president of UBS Switzerland, said the step was an important milestone in the integration of Credit Suisse UBS following last year’s takeover.

“The migration of the majority of client transactions in Switzerland to the UBS platform will take place in 2025 and will be gradual, with tailored updates to our clients,” she said in a statement.

UBS has already begun to move over clients from Credit Suisse in Hong Kong and Singapore.

The merging of the entities also paves the way for UBS to speed up progress on its plan to axe 3,000 jobs in Switzerland. Globally analysts have estimated more than 30,000 staff could be cut.

Debate has been vigorous in Switzerland about the size and power of the enlarged UBS, which analysts say has a dominant position in areas such as the Swiss loan and debt markets since it took over Credit Suisse in a state-engineered rescue.The video player is currently playing an ad.00:11Sectors UpClose: US election pollutes outlook for clean energy funds

However, Switzerland’s financial regulator last month ruled that the takeover did not create any competition concerns, despite recommendations from the country’s antitrust watchdog that it merited further scrutiny.



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